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Published January 19, 2018

A Way Out

With the exception of a few standouts, the co-op genre has gradually been withering away as mass multiplayer continues to dominate the market of social gaming, leaving players hard pressed to find a modern, story-centric game catered exclusively to the split-screen co-op format. The core appeal of the game comes from this gamble, originating from the preferred focus towards emotional player connections and relationships with the characters.

According to the latest video game news, The A Way Out co-op game looks exactly like what the video game industry needs. You can play on a team of up to four players.  However, there’s no single player campaign that you can play alone in, unfortunately. The developers, Hazelight, want players to work together as much as they can to complement the narrative of the game. Whether you co-op in person or over the internet, you’ll take on the role of Leo and Vincent, two convicted criminals that are brothers, who must break out of prison and run from authorities.  Every act of the game must be completed with a friend, either through local or online, and unlike most co-op games to date, there will be no ‘drop in-drop out’ system.  

But As announced during The Game Awards ceremony, A Way Out, a new co-op adventure from Hazelight, (creators of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons), will release on March 28, 2018 and let two players play on different consoles using only one copy of the game. much more importantly than that, it has been revealed that in order for people to play this two-player co-op game, only one of the two people playing will actually have to purchase it. A “friends pass free trial” version of the game will also be available that will make the entire co-op game available to play with a friend who owns the full version.

A Way Out marks itself out as a rich and engaging title with lots of obvious care from the developers, but, due to the exclusive focus on co-op play, may not be suitable for some. The two-player only split-screen gameplay could push some people away from the game, but I’m happy to see EA offering up something unique and with variety among all the expected (and exciting!) games. 

The game’s  trailer shown on EA’s game awards stage felt very much like the Prison Break plot: only with a friend (or an online stranger) you both stealth around the prison you’re trapped in, clearly looking for a way to get free. It looks like a thrilling, fun, entertaining gameplay experience and it’s set to be released on Origin for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One in early March 2018 says the director Josef Fares of the team behind the acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

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