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Published January 20, 2018

This review is a dual review of the most beautiful video games ever released.

The Last of Us (which was released in 2013) and Uncharted 4 (which was released 3 years later), it is no secret that Naughty Dog games have fantastic cutscenes, amazing graphics, and cinematics. According to almost all gamers that have played The Last of Us and have an online social media account, the game not only featured great story telling, but also amazing graphics, and solid gameplay, which I would definitely have to agree with the majority.

The game not only got solid feedback and reviews, but gained notoriety for being oneof the most beautiful video games that was ever featured on the PS3. The in-game graphics are as amazing as the cutscenes and when you are in-game and it changes to a cutscene, the differences are very minute. 

The Last of Us Remastered has even more improved visuals and features such asthe last of us most beautiful video games native 1080p video display at 60 fps, new-and-improved audio options, in-cinematic director commentary, in-game Photo Mode, and bonus downloadable content, such as the Left Behind single-player expansion chapter, the Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack, and the Reclaimed Territories multiplayer map pack. Which as you can imagine, absolutely thrilled The Last of Us’ fanbase. You can see why it is one of the most beautiful video games in the world.

While The Last of Us was one of the PS3’s most impressive releases, The Last of Us: Remastered (for the PlayStation 4) is practically like Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic story of survival that they always intended gamers to play. 

In short, The Last of Us, whether the PS3 make or Remastered version for PS4, features stunning visuals due to the high resolution of the video game, emotional voice acting and narrative, dynamic characters such as Ellie and Joel, awesome combat controls, and the lost sense of time because of the feel of the experience, being right there in the middle of it all due to how immersive the gaming is in this post-apocalyptic world. 


Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix is renowned for their amazing, lifelike graphics in their video games. Square Enix has developed some of the top, most well-known and popular games in the world such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy all some of the most beautiful video games that you could ever hope to play. This title, however, couldn’t be more immersive. The storyline is fantastic, but as I said, what really makes this title a gem is the fact that even when Final Fantasy was just on the PS2, it had the best graphics in the industry. Final Fantasy XV is a gorgeous open world experience.

The franchise is well-known for its beautiful graphics. It also has a good combat system and great character development. This game’s story is about Prince Noctis. Long story short, he goes on a road-trip to find his true love. This series was not just made for gaming consoles, but also was released as a Windows PC Edition.  Square Enix teamed up with Nvidia this time to make this title a real treat of a PC experience. This brings this work of art deepfinal fantasy 15 visual effects.

The series in general has been a big hit among all gamers since the very first release and has become quite a figure in pop gaming culture. Square Enix also did Kingdom Hearts, which Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to come out at the end of 2018.

Each time that SE releases a game they seem to enhance the combat system. For example, the battle system is unique. The game has cool controls that give it a real enjoyable feel. It uses weapons in a unique way. There are many ways to win a battle but each character has their own strengths. You can also take pictures to capture certain moments. What I had so much trouble with was catching fish, what can I say? It’s a hard thing to do. Rest in peace to the cat that I never fed.

It’s not that hard to see how amazing the series is. I believe that it will continue to grow in popularity. It has started to get popular for the newer 00’s gamer crowd. I figure that SE will continue to amaze us with new advancements in tech enhancements. I also believe they will continue the FF line as well.


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