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PlayStation 5: Is it Coming or Not? |News

As we enter 2018, those dreaming about a PlayStation 5 should feel a little closer. Whenever PS5 is announced, expect its games to offer a substantial visual upgrade on what the PS4 can offer.

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Super Smash Brothers Re-Release 2018

We’ve already got Metroid Prime 4 scheduled for 2018, so it would make sense for Nintendo to slate Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch for 2018 as well and ensure the handheld/tabletop console can keep rolling out new games you won’t find on PS4, Xbox One or PC. The challenge of unlocking Smash Brothers Brawl unlockables and the fact you are hanging out with all of your favorite Nintendo characters from the past is a treat and a temptation that gamers from six to sixty cannot resist.

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