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Published January 16, 2018

The Nintendo Switch‘s magnificent success so far has come to the back of Nintendo’s superlative lineup of first party games for the device, and also a superb selection of indie games. By and large, third parties have entirely missed the boat on the machine, with the exclusion of Square Enix and Bethesda.

Nintendo Direct actually can’t arrive soon enough. But moving forward, it seems as though they will be unable to dismiss the Switch, because of the massive earnings- speaking in a media release today, Nintendo direct news and club Nintendo boasted of “continuing third party support” for the Switch from a number of the best publishers.

This is extremely interesting, since we knew that Bethesda, as an instance, intends to keep encouraging the Switch moving ahead, the reputation of those other companies was in the air. I imagine EA will deliver its other EA Sports games to the Switch this year, while Activision will examine Call of Duty? As for Take Two- can we get GTA5 on the Switch, please?

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