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Published January 17, 2018

As we enter 2018, those dreaming about a Sony PlayStation 5 should feel a little closer. Whenever PS5 is announced, expect its games to offer a substantial visual upgrade on what the PS4 can offer. Just compare Call of Duty 3 (which launched alongside PS3 in 2006) with PS4’s day one hit Killzone: Shadow Fall if you’re in any doubt over how much difference a generation can make. We likely won’t see that sort of a drastic jump over contemporary PS4 games at launch, but as developers become more adept with the hardware, things are going to get very impressive. Well of course right now, everything is just speculation and guessing games. I don’t have a crystal ball showing me the future, but I can imagine the PS5 would be certainly a powerful machine I have no idea what will be inside it because being a game console gamer graphic cards and PC tech talk is lost on me.


One thing is for sure though, and that would be that it’s very likely that the PS5 will adopt the 4K format (It really is the talk of town these days), but I imagine 1080P will still be around because I doubt within three years everyone will be proud owners of 4K TVs as people have only just considered buying them now.Aside from that, PlayStation 5 is assumed to have a Wireless VR. The use of VR nowadays is evidently prevalent. In fact, PlayStation VR’s sale has a good start. With that, it is expected that PS5 will have a more modern VR gear that might be wireless. Sadly, the PlayStation 6 was released on December 2029; the PS5 was all but forgotten by August 2032. In an interview, Paul Ross, an ex Need for Speed developer, stated that gaming on the new PS5 is going to be much more realistic. PS5 games would have dynamic and interactive Worlds that behave differently than Worlds in current games. Other technology set to be included in the PlayStation 5 will particularly revolve around its wireless capabilities. This console should deliver controllers that charge wirelessly even while being used, which would obviously be a huge step forward for console gamers. We can expect a mega-powerful processor and GPU to drive the PlayStation 5, and the console will certainly exceed the capabilities of the most powerful PC engines available today. Of course, the PC market itself will have moved on as well by 2020. We do not have a confirmed date, but the PS5 release date is expected to be in 2018.


WallStreet Journal Tokyo’s reporter, Takashi Mochizuki has provided a much specific release date being in Q2 2018. It’s fair to say we won’t see the PS5 in the next year. Andrew House has also said that this will be the PlayStation lineup for a substantial period of time.” That being said, the PS4 Pro will be outclassed quickly in the next few years, especially if Microsoft’s claims that Project Scorpio will be more powerful are to be believed. We reckon we might be looking at a five or six year wait until the PlayStation 5 hits shelves, meaning we’ll be marking 2020 in our calendars. Ex-Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach definitely thinks another generation will follow this one, though with the demise of physical media the hardware may look a lot different. Everyone seems to be jumping the gun only because the Xbox One X is coming (Yes I’m picking one up) but we don’t need a PS5 right now. PS4 and PS4 Pro are still enough, I’m still loving my Pro and we got some really great games coming so lets just concentrate on that.That’s a dangerous game for them to play imo.


If they do that, people are going to start going the route of ” I’ll wait until the PS5ProXLite comes out” and that would drastically affect sales. Kind of how people wait for GOTY editions now instead of buying games day 1. Will the PS5 look anything like this on release? Probably not, but time will tell. PS5 internal memory will be double of the previous gaming consoles and around 16 GB. The PlayStation 5 RAM will have 3 D Stacked Technology and 3D X point memory. Both of them are infant technologies and will see an exponential development when they come up with PS 5. While Pachter had suggested that a release in 2019 would be better suited to leveraging the potential of 4K TV’s, the Wedbush Securities analyst later revised his opinion, suggesting instead that he believes the PS5 could be much further off than he initially first thought, in 2020. Pachter’s comments tie in with his previous thoughts on the PS5 release date, as he previously predicted the console would launch around 2020—the same time he thinks that 4K TV adoption will really take off. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio is scheduled for release in holiday 2017, and is rumored to launch alongside the new Halo title.PlayStation bigwig Shawn Layden confirmed that the existence of the PS5 during an interview back in July. Earlier this year he said that the PS5 could have a release date in 2019. In July, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicted that the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2019. Pachter believes that the PlayStation 4 Pro is half a step toward the PlayStation 5, which will support 4K gaming. In addition, he thinks that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 Pro titles.- Full backwards compatibility with the PS4, esspecially with the games. It should be able to play PS4 games from either a physical disk or a digital download, in at least the same quality as the PS4.


Party and message systems should stay compatible with the PS4 and PS Vita. Honestly i dont think this is a big ask, PS4 uses the standard PC architecture, so if the PS5 stays the same it should be fairly easy to make PS4 games run with the stronger hardware. While no one is expecting any big reveals for the PS5 in 2018, things could start getting interesting in the years following. As it stands, the PS4 is selling extremely well and beating out the competition. With factors like PlayStation VR and the rising tide of new technology though, it’s going to run out of runway sooner than later. The developers will need more power and angry fans or not, we’ll need to start talking about the PS5. Many fans along with me are waiting for the next GTA game from Rockstar Games. Blasting News reported that GTA 6 is under development which releases in 2020 as an exclusive for PS5. But, I considered it as a rumor because the website doesn’t cite a source. Stay tune here for more updates about PS5 gaming station , if you have any query about that then you are free to message me in comment box. Although none of the two consoles will be happening any time soon and fans would have to wait for another 4-5 years to get hold of the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox, some industry experts are of the view that the upcoming consoles will come without disk drives. They also speculate that PS5 and Xbox Two may well be the last PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Crossmap reported.
playstation 5 controllerBar specifications and capabilities, the thing that most gamers want to know about the PS5 is when it will launch. A UK based company called Optalysis and AMD are working together to make the best CPU for PS5. It will be powerful enough to handle any game at any resolution. HDR and wider fields of view should be achievable but sadly, we don’t reckon full 4K VR is likely to be a possibility even for the PS5. As Kingsley points out, that would require 4K rendering per eye, which equates to 8K rendering overall, which we expect to be beyond the PS5’s capabilities. Speculation about the PlayStation 5 has grown more intense over the last week or so- this is because of some comments made by the well known Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, predicting a 2019-20 release date for the system ( a prediction he first made in an interview with GamingBolt, as a matter of fact ), as well as due to a job listing by Just Cause developers Avalanche hiring people for a ‘next generation’ game. Most updates on the PS5 specs are still rumors. And, these updates talk about the upcoming components and features in the PS5. Rumors are that the next gen PS5 will have VR compatibility with a 4K resolution. The console will also offer an AMD Radeon chipset with 1700p HD video support. The processor in the PS5 is expected to be better than what we will have in the PS4 Pro.

The PS5 release date could be pushed back to 2020, a new report has suggested. Jersey City, NJ PS5 PTA. Advocating for Jersey City Parents and Teachers. Always working for students and the improvement of our communities. While the PS5 brigade will be gloating about 4k @ 60fps and non-native 8k @ 30fps and below (which will probably be some crap like upscaled 6k).

UPDATE: 10-06-2017: As fans of video games await the PlayStation 5 release date , the forthcoming PS5 console may already have its first major gaming hit in the pipeline. Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has already provided information on a major next-generation title that should land on the PlayStation 5 in the foreseeable future. Why? Working with fixed hardware and APIs (on console) makes things more predictable, so you can get better performance from it. PS5 will have consistent hardware specs (as will Xbox One X), meaning developers can be more efficient and effective with what they have.

I bought the original PS4, then, I saw PS4 slim and then, PS4 Pro. I want to buy the PS4 pro but cannot sell the original PS4. A big graphic upgrade but not necessary. When PS5 comes out, I will buy but not sure you will release another PS5 slum and then PS5 Pro. I may be regret that I buy the PS5 if there will be a Pro version coming out shortly after that. The PC Watch article is highly speculative, so take what’s written there with a grain of salt. That said, a PS5 releasing in 2019 or 2020 seems way too soon. The PS3 released in 2006 and the PS4 released in 2014. That’s a seven-year gap. That would mean a PS5 would come in 2021 at the earliest, but that doesn’t take into account the PS4 Pro, which could easily stretch out this console generation a few extra years.


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