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Published January 20, 2018

My Predictions of the Top Games in 2018

There’s quite a lot planned to release in 2018 such as Elex 2, Far Cry 5, A Way Out, but there are only a few that I’m really looking forward to. Today, I’ll present you with a look at some of the top games in 2018.

Kingdom Hearts 3

First off, we have been waiting almost 11 years for a new Kingdom Hearts games in 2018
The reason I think Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be such a big title this year is because the original games spawned HUGE fanbases and I think we are going to see that with Kingdom Hearts 3. I believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be ground-breaking and by far the best title released this year. There is no doubt as to why I included this title as one of the top games in 2018.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is already greatly anticipated. We’ve been waiting since Far Cry 4 and Far Cry: Primal (which was actually my favorite game out of the entire Far Cry franchise) to get our hands on a new Far Cry. This time, they are going down South, by south, I mean good ole Southern U. S. of A. I don’t know top games in 2018how well I will personally like it due to the fact that I am Southern, but I find it hilarious that they felt the need to make a Far Cry about the South. I think that this title is going to do well, probably ranking up there pretty close to Kingdom Hearts 3, but not quite even though Far Cry has its own huge fanbase as well. Still, this game easily makes it into the list of the top games in 2018.

The Inpatient

Supermassive is set to release the prequel to the game Until Dawn which tells the story of an Asylum. What is so neat though is that it is going to be on VR. Because VR is so popular these days, I think The Inpatient is going to be a solid title. Also, Until Dawn was an amazing game. Amazing visuals, amazing gameplay, just an all around amazing, nail-biting experience. We can only hope that The Inpatient will be as amazing as it’s successor. This game is surely going to be one of the top games in 2018, no games in 2018

A Way Out

A Way Out is also going to be big this year as well. I am really hopeful for this game because, in essence, it is meant to bring gamers together. This unique title must be played in purely co-op whether you are teaming up with someone online or someone in person. I really love the concept and I think the video game genre could use more titles like this. A Way Out seems to have a good storyline behind it also from what I’ve heard. What we do know about the game is that gamers will be teaming up to help two brothers who are convicts escape prison.

State of Decay 2

The original State of Decay was a huge hit among the gaming community even though it had quite a bit of bugs in it. top games in 2018State of Decay was developed by one of the creators of World of Warcraft who wanted to take the zombie genre and shake it up by throwing players in the middle of a zombie-riddled post-apocalyptic world and letting them make the rules for their own survival. The game wasn’t just about mindlessly killing zombies but also survival. State of Decay is getting a facelift with the sequel State of Decay 2 and I believe it will be one of the top video games in 2018.

Days Gone

Days gone is another up and coming survival horror game that is set to be released on PS4 this year. Days Gone is the first PS4 game from Oregon-based developer Bend Studio. The game is largely about fighting to survive in a world full of the undead. There are so many post-apocalyptic games coming out this year that I think some of the biggest titles are going to have problems getting their names in lights, but I believe that this game has what it takes.The Definitive Edition will feature 4K assets, a re-orchestrated score, modern UI, bug fixes, and gameplay tweaks all designed to optimize the experience.

Final Word

With all of these awesome games coming out, it’s hard to tell which games will flop and which will rise to the top Hopefully you are as excited about these games as I am and look forward to playing all these great titles. It is going to be an amazing year for gamers everywhere.

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